Biochemical and phenotypic characterization of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L) cultivars with induced surface pitting. Postharvest Biology & Technology, 175, 111494

Ponce, E., Alzola, B., Cáceres, N., Gas, M., Ferreira, C., Vidal, J., Chirinos, R., Campos, D., Rubilar, M., Campos-Vargas, C., Pedreschi, R., Fuentealba, C. 2021

Cell wall and metabolite composition of sweet cherry fruits from two cultivars with contrasting susceptibility to surface pitting during storage. Food Chemistry, 342, 128307

Fuentealba, C., Ejsmentewicz, T., Campos-Vargas, R., Saa, S., Aliaga, O., Chirinos, R., Campos, D., Pedreschi, R. 2021.

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